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The following materials are Anishinaabemowin and Mohawk terms translated from the following dialect regions/communities:


Dialect/Region: Manitoulin Island/Wiikwemkoong

Translator: Madeline Wemigwans, Anishinaabemowin Support Worker, Wiikwemkoong Heritage Organization


Dialect/Region: Six Nations of the Grand River Territory

Translator:  Nicole Bilodeau, Mohawk Language Instructor, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory

We realized the dialects may not be from your library’s region. The Excel list can be used to translation using your region’s dialect.

Object Labels (Anishinaabemowin)

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First Nation Languages – Exploring Cree and Ojibway (2016) with Marie Odile Junker and Alan Corbiere.

This one-hour webinar will explore two prominent First Nation languages in Ontario – Cree and Ojibway. While Marie-Odile Junker focuses on Cree language, she will discuss the importance of understanding and identifying language families and orthographies. Marie-Odile will also provide a brief introduction to the Linguistic Atlas, a resourceful online language tool. Alan Corbiere will then guide participants through an overview of the Ojibway language and orthographies, exploring various publications and demonstrating how different writing systems can shape the sound and the practice of Anishinaabemowin.

Revitalizing Indigenous Languages with Dr. Brian D. McInnes (Wasauksing First Nation, Ontario) (2019)

“This is a very special and important time to make sure that resources in the Indigenous languages of all areas are highlighted, promulgated, and made available to all members of our community. But especially to those young indigenous children who are growing up right now in Canadian society who need to see models and examples of works by their own people, in their own languages, that are for all people. It builds strong cultural resilience, identity, but also a mutually respectful and recognized place in society. I think that is our dream going forward in the spirit of Reconciliation.” -Dr. Brian D. McInnes

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